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Crystal & Glass Awards

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  Crystal & Glass Awards
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Crystal & Glass Awards

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Our crystal and glass awards boast elegant and rich designs. Crystal awards capture light in reflections, creating prismatic displays of bent light. Varying levels of lead content are specially incorporated to bring out the best in each crystal award presentation. Each crystal and glass award is laser engraved or sand blasted to provide the utmost detail in the engraving artwork.

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World Globe Crystal & Glass Awards


World Globe

Conveying value of those cherished in your organization, this timeless award is crafted from optic crystal with great care.

Prod #   Description   1-5 6-11 12-23
01TC560CBE     $61.60   $58.52   $55.44   Add World Globe 3-5/8"H x 2-3/8"W x 2-3/8"D to Shopping Cart
01TC580CBE     $92.40   $87.78   $83.16   Add World Globe 4-5/8"H x 3-1/8W x 3-1/8"D to Shopping Cart
01TC5100CBE     $132.00   $125.40   $118.80   Add World Globe 5-3/4"H x 4"W x 4"D to Shopping Cart
Above & Beyond Crystal & Glass Awards

PDF Template for Above & Beyond Crystal & Glass Awards

Above & Beyond

Present a truly different world to one who has truly made a world of difference! Wrapped in a stainless swirl, Above and Beyond portrays a person who exceeds worldly expectations. The statement is reinforced by the recipient's name positioned such that the swirl becomes an extension of the individual. Held in balance by its Star fire support, this award is proudly presented and proudly received. A romance card elaborating this theme is included for your presentation.

Prod #   Description   1-11 12-24 25-49
CB2028     $812.00   $771.40   $730.80   Add Above & Beyond 4.5" wide x 10" tall to Shopping Cart
CB2029     $880.00   $836.00   $792.00   Add Above & Beyond 4.5" wide x 11" tall to Shopping Cart
Accolade Plate Crystal & Glass Awards

PDF Template for Accolade Plate Crystal & Glass Awards

Accolade Plate

We believe that your award inscription should be more than just a few lines of text below your logo. That is why we have turned your message into an eye-catching design element that promises to get good reviews at your next event. You can even add an acrylic plate stand to really show off this award in style.

Prod #   Description   1-11 12-24 25-49
CB01254     $13.34   $12.67   $12.01   Add Accolade Plate Small Stand - 3" H x 2.75" W to Shopping Cart
CB01255     $16.88   $16.04   $15.19   Add Accolade Plate Medium Stand - 3.5" H x 3.75" W to Shopping Cart
CB01256     $19.13   $18.17   $17.22   Add Accolade Plate Large Stand - 5" H x 4.75" W to Shopping Cart
CB0580     $76.00   $72.20   $68.40   Add Accolade Plate Small Plate - 7.75" Dia to Shopping Cart
CB0581     $104.00   $98.80   $93.60   Add Accolade Plate Medium Plate - 10.5" Dia to Shopping Cart
CB0582     $128.00   $121.60   $115.20   Add Accolade Plate Large Plate - 13.75" Dia to Shopping Cart
Acumen Crystal & Glass Awards



Say "Success!" at first glance with our Acumen Award that gives special presence to the recipient's name. This smart looking award features color, angles, and aesthetics that live up to its name.

Prod #   Description   1-11 12-24 25-49
CB3940     $200.00   $190.00   $180.00   Add Acumen 7.5"H x 8.25"W to Shopping Cart
Adrianna Vase Crystal & Glass Awards

PDF Template for Adrianna Vase Crystal & Glass Awards

Adrianna Vase

The beauty of Mother Nature is well-suited to the attractive lines and supreme quality of our exclusive Adrianna Vase. Standing 10" tall, this gift represents exceptional value as well as your exceptional taste. Please note that the nature of mouth-blown hollowware often produces bubbles and other imperfections and are not considered defects.

Prod #   Description   1-11 12-24 25-49
CB925     $84.00   $79.80   $75.60   Add Adrianna Vase 5" Dia x 10" tall to Shopping Cart
Advantage Crystal & Glass Awards



The angular design puts emphasis where it should be - on the recipient. Our exclusive Advantage Award highlights one's name by means of a sculpted deep etch that runs vertically for maximum impact. Made from beveled jade crystal, your selection is guaranteed to shine wherever displayed in the work environment.

Prod #   Description   1-11 12-24 25-49
CB2370     $104.00   $98.80   $93.60   Add Advantage Small - 5.5" H x 7.75" W to Shopping Cart
CB2371     $116.00   $110.20   $104.40   Add Advantage Medium - 6.25" H x 8.5" W to Shopping Cart
CB2372     $128.00   $121.60   $115.20   Add Advantage Large - 6.75" H x 9.5" W to Shopping Cart
Aero Crystal & Glass Awards



Sculptural curves abound with this light and airy design. Formed from aqua tinted starphire crystal, this unique piece is elevated by a stair-stepped base that sets this award into flight.

Prod #   Description   1-11 12-24 25-49
CB6921     $156.00   $148.20   $140.40   Add Aero 11.25" H x 8" W to Shopping Cart
Ambient Crystal & Glass Awards



Engaging the senses with its irresistible textures and soothing colors. Classic in shape, our Ambient Award is anything but old-fashioned due to its contemporary etched patterns and use of cool colors. Available in a variety of hues to match your corporate colors, choose: soft cobalt, soft red, soft amber, soft green or clear/frost. Please specify color when ordering.

Prod #   Description   1-11 12-24 25-49
CB2510-AMBER     $400.00   $380.00   $360.00   Add Ambient 4" wide x 10.75" tall (Soft Amber) to Shopping Cart
CB2510-CLEAR     $400.00   $380.00   $360.00   Add Ambient 4" wide x 10.75" tall (Soft Amber) to Shopping Cart
CB2510-COBALT     $400.00   $380.00   $360.00   Add Ambient 4" wide x 10.75" tall (Soft Amber) to Shopping Cart
CB2510-GREEN     $400.00   $380.00   $360.00   Add Ambient 4" wide x 10.75" tall (Soft Amber) to Shopping Cart
CB2510-RED     $400.00   $380.00   $360.00   Add Ambient 4" wide x 10.75" tall (Soft Amber) to Shopping Cart
Arabesque Crystal & Glass Awards



Named for the artful ballet posture, the Arabesque is an interesting play on cubes that appear to defy gravity as they ascend through space. Made of pure optic crystal, this contemporary sculpture shatters its surroundings and then reassembles it into an abstract design of cubist fashion. Tall, heavy, and eye-catching, this Theme Award makes a statement about brilliant individuals whose vision and fire make the impossible possible.  Two sizes available.  Large features 5 blocks stacked on base (pictured) and Small features 4 blocks stacked on base.

Prod #   Description   1-11 12-24 25-49
CB6004     $1,320.00   $1,254.00   $1,188.00   Add Arabesque Small 10" H x 4" W to Shopping Cart
CB6005     $1,440.00   $1,368.00   $1,296.00   Add Arabesque Large - 13" H x 5" W to Shopping Cart
Arch Top Crystal & Glass Awards


Arch Top

Clear Optical Crystal and Green Marble Arch Top award packed in an elegant gift box

Prod #   Description   1-1 2-5 6-12
GPX267A1     $118.60   $116.23   $112.67   Add Arch Top 5" wide x 7" high x 1/2" thick to Shopping Cart
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